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We believe there is such a thing as the fair price for quality, for commitment, for reliability, and professionalism. This is the webhosting you dreamed of, with the prices you can afford, without sacrificing for service, customer support, tech support and speed.

We have been on your side of the fence. We know what you are going through when you have to decide on which webhosting service to use.

Because we know how hard it is to find reliable webhosting, we created webscorpion.com. We could not find what we were looking for, we could not take another bad experience. We had the knowledge, the means to do it and we did.

Don't take our word for it, just give us one chance to prove it. If you don't find a package that suits your webhosting needs we will work with you to create one that does.

When you sign up with Webscorpion you get your own virtual server. Your files are located in your own private server space and you are free to create your own users within your environment.

Everything you need, POP3, cgi-bin, PHP, Perl, MySQL, MS Front Page 2002 Extensions, 14 Gigabit Ethernet links from six separate backbone providers, Redundant power backup, 99.9% uptime guarantee, Apache, Server side includes, and many additional features described here.

We welcome VISA, MC, Discovery, AMEX, Diners, eCheck, Paypal and more.
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